Why Are Stud Piercing Earrings Best for New Piercings?

As you may know, new piercings take 6 (earlobe) to 12 (cartilage) weeks to heal. During that time, you will need to wear starter earrings to allow your piercing to heal. Read on for more information about starter piercing earrings.

Why does Inverness use stud piercing earrings instead of hoops or other styles?

For anyone getting their ears pierced, whether it’s the earlobe or outer ear cartilage, we recommend stud piercing earrings rather than hoops or dangling styles. Inverness stud piercing earrings are made with a sharp tip and narrow post to gently pierce the ear and then stay in place while the piercing heals.

Some piercers offer hoop earrings for starter earrings, but we do not include them in our collection since they are easily caught or can get pulled while your piercing is healing.

How long do I have to wear my starter piercing earrings?

Piercing earrings should be worn 24/7 during the healing period. If you have your earlobes pierced, you can change out your piercing earrings after six weeks. For those of you who have your cartilage pierced, the recommended healing period is 12 weeks.

Can I wear hoops or dangling earrings after the healing period?

After the healing period has ended, you can change your starter earrings to different styles. For earlobe piercings, we recommend you continue wearing light stud-style earrings for at least six months. With cartilage piercings, we recommend wearing stud style earrings for 12months.

How do I make sure my new piercing won’t close?

For the first six months after the piercing is healed, people with cartilage piercings should wear earrings 24/7 or their piercing may close. If you had an earlobe piercing, you should not go more than24 hours without an earring for at least six months or your new piercing may close.

When can I switch to other styles?

After six months for earlobes and 12 months for cartilage, it’s okay to switch from light stud style earrings to light dangling earrings and hoops!

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