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Our Story

For the past 50 years, over 200 million people have trusted Inverness for safe and gentle ear piercing. Our system is used in jewelry stores, department stores, salons, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and body piercing shops in over 70 countries worldwide.

Before Inverness was established in 1974, most ears were pierced at home using an ice cube and needle, or in the doctor’s office with a loud piercing gun. As an alternative, Inverness engineered a unique, medically-hygienic system that pierces ears in 3 Easy Steps: Cleanse, Mark, Pierce. Our sterile fully encapsulated piercing earrings and exclusive Inverness Safety Back™ provide peace of mind and the gentlest ear piercing experience possible.

In 2012, we were proud to become part of the Richline Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway and the USA’s foremost, financially-strong manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of jewelry.

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Pierce ears in 3 Easy Steps with Inverness: cleanse, mark, pierce.


Inverness is sold in over 70 countries worldwide direct to retailers or through our authorized distributor partners.

200+ Million

To date, we have pierced over 200 million pairs of ears.