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Komal's Story
Mumbai, India

I was walking past a store and I saw a poster for ear piercing, product from Inverness USA. Though I already had a piercing I thought of getting a second one done. I entered the store, enquired about the procedure and was informed it was very safe and earrings were completely sterile.
They brought a display from which I chose a design. The store person was calm while I was a bit nervous, she assured me it would just take a minute and it would be painless. I went through the piercing process and to my surprise it hardly felt anything. I was so happy that I hugged the lady who pierced my ears and kept looking at my new piercing before I walked out of the shop.

Zoe's Story
Hampshire, England

I recently took my 2 year old daughter to get her ears pierced for an early Christmas present and was very impressed. I had researched various techniques and places to go as I wanted the whole experience to be calm and easy. After reading about Inverness and how it’s very quiet and less scary...
I opted to use this method. When we got to the salon, the staff was very calming and happy. They suggested they do both ears at the same time which I thought was fab!! It was very simple, quiet, and she didn’t cry. I have one very brave little girl who is feeling very happy with herself especially as she got to have Cinderella earrings!!

Rae's Story
Rhode Island, USA

I so looked forward to the day I brought my daughter to have her ears pierced. This was one of those mother/daughter milestones we would share and I wanted her to enjoy and remember it as happily as my own piercing day with my mom, all those years before. My daughter counted down the days until...
our special date. I’ll always recall making that time-honored trip to the mall with her, just like so many moms and little girls before us; choosing her earrings; how sweetly and confidently the young woman in the store did the piercing; and finally, my daughter giggling, admiring her “new ears” as she called them, in my purse mirror, while we celebrated over ice cream.

Mathea's Story

Mathea has waited for a year to finally celebrate her 5th Birthday AND to have her ears pierced! Mathea’s aunt, who runs a hairdresser’s school, has promised to do the piercing. The day before the big happening, Mathea tells everyone at the kindergarten that she is going to her Aunt Birgit pierce...
her ears. She started to cry a bit after having the first ear pierced, but when she saw the shiny pink earring in her ear, she asked to have the other ear pierced right away! The whole weekend, Mathea longed for Monday so that she could show the earrings to everyone at the kindergarten. She is now shining as bright as her new earrings!

Mrs. Yiu's Story

Finally, I have my ears pierced. My classmates went to have ear pierced during middle school. I told my friends that my earlobe was so beautiful and I dared not pierce it, but really, I was afraid of pain. Recently, accompanied by a friend, I went...
to a jewelry shop, expressed my intention, and then sat down, waiting in silence. The staff sterilized my earlobe and marked the ear-piercing position with a pen. Then the shop assistant pierced my left ear with an ear-piercing instrument! I had no time to react any! Really didn’t hurt. Best of all is that I broke the psychological barrier, and now I can wear pretty earrings!

Rachael's Story
Warwickshire, England

After being nagged by my 16 year old son for his first ear piercing I finally gave in. I took him to our local branch and we had a walk in appointment. They were very thorough and asked age and if there were any known allergies.
They had a great choice of earrings which was great (he was slightly apprehensive that he may have to have a huge gold stud). He chose a flat silver coloured one that had a matching back. He was so happy as this is what he wanted after he could change his earrings. The whole thing was quick and easy and it is healing nicely! Happy mum, even happier son.

Annabel's Story
Inverurie, Scotland

My name is Annabel; I wanted to get the top of my ear done but was scared as my friends said it was more painful than the bottom of the ear. After finding a jeweller in my home town Inverurie, Scotland I decided to be brave and get it done...
The lady was very nice and made me calm. There was a slight pinch; it felt a little warm after but not as bad as I thought. I loved it that much I had another done just underneath. I’m very happy I went.

Akshita’s Story
Mumbai, India

My daughter was almost 11 months old and everyone in the family was pushing me to get her ears pierced. I took my daughter to a nearby jeweller. I was tense because I knew my daughter would cry a lot during the piercing. At the jewellery store the sales...
associate asked me to select an Inverness piercing earring from a huge variety of designs and assured me that the piercing process was virtually painless. The entire piercing process took less than a minute. I was shocked that my daughter was calm during the piercing and did not complain of any pain either. Things have changed so much since I got my ears pierced with a gold wire.

Janet’s Story
Skegness, Scotland

I love love love Inverness ear piercing, it’s so simple! Last time I had my ears pierced I had a huge shock, it was so loud and made me jump and the earring choice was minimal. This time with Inverness it was completely...
different. It was quiet, didn’t hurt as much and had a huge choice. I went for my daughter’s birth stone!

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