New Ear Piercing: Looking at Multiple Piercings?

Multiple piercings are a great way to express your unique style. Are you thinking about creating a new ear piercing look for spring? Here are some tips to consider before you go.

  1. Talk with your piercer and explain in detail the vision you have for your new look:
    • Do you want another piercing on your earlobe or cartilage? Or both?
    • What sorts of earrings do you plan to wear?
  1. Remember that every ear is unique. Your ear piercer will examine your ears carefully to determine whether your ears are the right size and shape to comfortably fit the piercings you want.
  2. Space your new piercings properly. The average person will need about ¼” between holes, but spacing is unique for everyone. The hole location and spacing will be determined by the size of your ears and your preferred earring style.
  3. Take your time and review the locations dots carefully before the piercing. This is an important step, so don’t rush it! Look in the mirror and make sure that the dots are lined up where you want them. If not, the piercer will simply clean them off and dot again!

While getting the curated ear of your dreams, it’s important to consider where you are going for your piercings. Visit the Inverness store locator on our website to find a piercing location near you that uses our safe and gentle system. If you can’t find an Inverness ear piercing location near you, please contact us on our website, and we’ll be happy to help!