Multiple Ear Piercings Tips & Inspiration

Why wear just one? Treat yourself to a new piercing!

As you may have noticed, multiple ear piercings are in. Gorgeous earscapes and curated ears are  all over social media. 
We created this page to help inspire you to create your own new piercing look.

Tips for Multiple Piercings

  1. Talk with your piercer and explain in detail the vision you have for your new look:
    • Think about what sort of “earscape” will work for you!
    • Do you want another piercing on your earlobe or cartilage? Or both?
    • What sorts of earrings do you plan to wear?
  1. Remember that every ear is unique. Your ear piercer will examine your ears carefully to determine whether your ears are the right size and shape to comfortably fit the piercings you want.
  1. Space your new piercings properly. The average person will need about ¼” between holes, but spacing is unique for everyone. The hole location and spacing will be determined by the size of your ears and your preferred earring style.
  1. Take your time and review the locations dots carefully before the piercing. This is an important step, so don’t rush it! Look in the mirror and make sure that the dots are lined up where you want them. If not, the piercer will simply clean them off and dot again!

Create a unique new look with ear piercing

Multiple Piercing FAQ

A: You can get as many piercings in one sitting as your earlobe can accommodate in one or both ears.

A: With each consecutive piercing in the lobe, the healing process might take a bit longer than the usual 6 weeks needed for a single earlobe piercing. Take good care of your piercings while they heal. If they still feel sensitive at the end of 6 weeks, give them a bit more time to heal before changing out of your starter studs.

A: Due to the sensitivity of the cartilage area during the healing process, we recommend sticking with one cartilage piercing per ear in a single piercing session. You can get additional cartilage piercings after the 12 week healing period is complete.

A: The aftercare steps provided for multiple piercings in one sitting are the same as for one piercing – cleanse with Inverness Aftercare Solution at least 3X a day and follow the instructions provided at the time of your piercing.

However, because of possible sensitivity or tenderness that may occur with multiple piercings, extra care should be taken during the healing process. ALWAYS wash your hands carefully before touching your ear, and take special care to AVOID:

  1. Bumping your ears
  2. Prolonged pressure against your ears from phones, hats, headphones etc.
  3. Sleeping on your newly-pierced ear
  4. Touching your ears or playing with your earrings.
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