How to Use Ear Cleaning Solution for Pierced Ears

Not sure how to use ear cleaning solution for your newly pierced ears? We’re here to help! Our Aftercare solution is a product favorite among piercing fanatics. The formula is crafted to soothe and cleanse newly pierced ears while maintaining hydration. Most people who use it for newly pierced ears keep their bottle after the healing process is over to clean their ears later as well.

Before touching your ears, you should always wash your hands – you don’t want any bacteria getting into that sensitive area!

To use the Inverness Aftercare Solution, apply a generous amount of product to a new cotton swab. Gently wipe the liquid around the piercing site.

Rotate the earring completely during cleaning to keep the posts from adhering to the ear.

Repeat this process three times a day to safely heal your new piercing.

Looking for more clarity on using the aftercare solution? We created a video to show this process step-by-step, which you can watch here!

Remember – safe healing begins with clean and consistent aftercare! Even after the healing period is over, it helps to continue practicing excellent ear care. If you have any questions about your new piercing and the healing process, visit our website for more information.