Types of Ear Piercings

When you think of getting your ears pierced, what type of piercing first comes to mind? There are several types of ear piercings one can get, way beyond just the bottom lobe region. Our latest blog outlines some of the most common types of ear piercings and what you should know about them.

Standard Lobe Piercing.  Located at the bottom of the ear, this is the most common place to get an ear pierced, especially as a first piercing. This area of the lobe is the largest and softest part of the ear, making it one of the easiest types of piercings to take care of. Typically the first piercing for children and young adults, the maintenance and healing process is extremely manageable. For details on aftercare, click here.

Upper Lobe Piercing. Sitting right above the lower lobe region, the upper lobe piercing is another very common space to get your ears pierced. The area is somewhat less sensitive than the lower lobe and often you will see the standard lobe and upper lobe styled together in what is referred to as a “double piercing.”

Graduated Lobe Piercing. These are multiple piercings of varying sizes that are arranged going up on the outer part of the ear lobe from largest to smallest. It is visually appealing and can be worn with stud earrings, metal rings and hoops. Once healed, you can wear all piercings or just a few at once for a unique style that suits you best!

Outer Cartilage Piercing. The Inverness Ear Piercing System is designed to pierce the outer cartilage of the ear, another popular location for ear piercings. The outer cartilage piercing is typically performed between the helix and antihelix of the ear. Cartilage ear piercing with the Inverness System is just as gentle as a lobe piercing, and is another great way to express yourself with earrings!

These are just a few of the many ways you can adorn your ears with piercings! To learn more information about piercings, visit our blog where we share tools and tips on having a great ear piercing experience.