Trends in Men’s Ear Piercing: What’s in Style

Of all your favorite male celebrities, how many have at least one ear piercing? Chances are, you can name a few. From Justin Timberlake and Will Smith to Justin Bieber and Morgan Freeman, men’s ear piercings have never been more popular. Having an ear piercing gives men another way to show off their unique style. Whether it’s big studs, small diamonds, or simple hoops, pierced ears give men plenty of options for creating their own unique style.

Single Stud

Whether it’s the left or right ear, a single stud is an easy way for men to add a little swag to their appearance. You can find celebrities like Michael Jordan, Snoop Dogg, and Harrison Ford with single ear piercings, and they often change out the styles of their earrings from studs to hoops and even dangle earrings.

Dual Ear Lobe Piercing

For many men, the decision to pierce one or both ears can be more difficult than choosing the actual piercing earring. In recent years we’ve seen an uptick in the trend of dual ear piercing for men. Celebrities like Zayn Malik, Justin Timberlake, and Will Smith all have both ears pierced and style theirs with simple stud earrings or small hoops.

Starting to Trend

Two of the newest trends in men’s ear piercing that we’ve seen are double lobe piercings (two earrings in one ear) and cartilage (helix) piercings styled with hoops or stud earrings. We haven’t seen any celebrities wearing this trend – yet. If you do, be sure to let us know.

Finding Ear Piercing Locations

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