Summer Ear Piercing Supplies: What You Need for Your New Piercing

If you’ve decided to get you or your child’s ears pierced this summer, it’s a good idea to plan for safe piercing aftercare. Proper care for newly-pierced ears is just as important as the piercing process itself. To help make things easy for you, we have created a checklist of the most important ear piercing supplies to have on hand during your healing period.

  • Aftercare Instructions

During your piercing, you will be given written and verbal instructions explaining how to care for your new piercing. These will include important steps you need to follow daily to keep your piercing clean and help it heal. Make sure you keep those instructions on hand for the duration of your healing period (6 weeks for an earlobe piercing and 12 weeks for cartilage piercings).

  • Two Bottles of Ear Piercing Aftercare Solution

We recommend that you keep at least 2 bottles of Aftercare Solution on hand during your healing period – one for home and one to carry with you for cleaning on-the-go. We recommend Inverness Aftercare Solution because it is specially-formulated to help soothe & heal your newly pierced ears without the drying or chapping that can come from using rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

  • Cotton Swabs (not cotton balls!)

It’s important to clean your piercing with cotton swabs rather than cotton balls. A well-saturated cotton swab makes it easier to cleanse the front and back of your piercing thoroughly and gently. Avoid using cotton balls because they have fibers that can get caught on and pull your piercing earrings.

  • Small Carrying Case Packed with Hand Sanitizer & Supplies

If you’re always on-the-go, pack a small carrying case with Aftercare Solution, a supply of cotton swabs, and hand sanitizer for cleaning your hands before touching your new piercing.

  • Wide-Brimmed Hat

New piercings are sensitive and can’t be covered with sunblock, so be sure to keep a wide-brimmed hat handy to protect your piercing from the sun.

Tip: make sure you have cotton swabs, hand sanitizer, a small carrying case, and hand sanitizer on hand before your piercing. You will get your aftercare instructions and ear piercing aftercare solution the day of your piercing.

Here to Help

For more information about aftercare, visit our website or contact us directly with any questions you have. Happy piercing!