QUIZ: Ear Piercing Aftercare

Are you a piercing expert? Take our pop quiz, and test your knowledge of ear piercing basics – from what to use to clean ear piercings to the types of earrings you should wear after your healing period. Good luck and see below for answers (no peeking).

  1. How long is the initial healing period for an earlobe piercing?

A. 8 weeks

B. 10 weeks

C. 6 weeks

  1. How long is the initial healing period for a cartilage piercing?

A. 12 weeks

B. 14 weeks

C. 16 weeks

  1. During your healing period, how many times a day should you cleanse your new piercing?

A. At least 1X per day

B. At least 3X per day

C. At least 5X per day

  1. What is NOT recommended for cleaning a new piercing? (choose all that apply)

A. Rubbing alcohol

B. Hydrogen peroxide

C. Shampoo

  1. What items should you have on hand to help clean your piercing?

A. Cotton balls

B. Gauze squares

C. Cotton swabs

  1. What types of earrings should you wear in the first 6th months following your piercing?

A. You’re healed. You can wear any style you like!

B. Light stud style earrings

C. Hoops and dangles

How did you do? Check your answers below!


  1. Answer is C – 6 weeks
  2. Answer is A – 12 weeks
  3. Answer is B – at least 3x daily
  4. Answer is – avoid A, B & C! We recommend Inverness Aftercare Solution, specially-formulated to cleanse and soothe newly-pierced ears.
  5. Answer is C – Cotton swabs (avoid cotton balls and gauze pads as they can catch on your earrings and hurt your piercing)
  6. Answer is B – Whether it’s an earlobe piercing or cartilage piercing, we recommend light stud earrings for the 6 months following your 6 or 12 week healing period.