Piercing Basics: Start to Finish

New Look New Ear Piercing

When your child is ready for their first piercing, things will go more smoothly if you know what to expect. See our piercing timeline below for all the basic information a first-timer needs!

Research: Knowing what to expect can help determine the best time to schedule your child’s piercing. The healing period for earlobe piercings is typically 6 weeks. This means you cannot change your piercing earrings during this time. Different activities your child participates in may also be affected by the piercing. For example, many sports require that you take out or place tape over all piercings for games. Knowing the rules beforehand will prevent any issues down the line!

Finding the Right Location: The method of ear piercing used is dependent on the location you choose. Some places use a piercing gun, which is loud and often creates discomfort. Others use a large needle to create the piercing hole before inserting the starter earrings. The Inverness Piercing System is a hand-pressured instrument that is smooth and quiet.  With our system, the piercing earring serves as the needle to create the piercing and connect with our exclusive Safety Back ™ in one smooth motion. To find a location near you that uses the Inverness System, click here.

What to ExpectBefore the Piercing: The piercing associate will start by reviewing the piercing process and helping you select your piercing earrings. Next, they will explain the aftercare process and have you sign the ear piercing permission form. Please note that in the U.S., anyone under 18 must have their parent or legal guardian sign the form and be present for the piercing.

What to Expectthe Piercing Process:

  1. Cleanse: The piercing associate will sit you – or your child – down in a chair and make sure your hair is up and out of the way. The associate will then put on single-use gloves and cleanse the front and back of your earlobes with an alcohol towelette.
  2. Mark: Next, s/he will mark the piercing location on both ears using a special surgical marking pen. You will be provided with a mirror to approve the dots before piercing. Once the dots are approved, the piercing can begin.
  3. Pierce: Finally, the piercer will line up the hand-pressured Inverness piercing instrument that has been loaded with our pre-sterilized piercing earring capsule. The sharp tip of the piercing earring glides easily through the ear and connects with the exclusive Safety Back™ in one smooth motion. The Safety Back ensures that the sharp tip remains covered and prevents the back from squeezing too tight against the ear during healing. Click here to see a video of our simple three-step process.

Aftercare: The most critical step in the piercing process is aftercare. A new piercing is an open wound so it must be kept clean and dry to heal properly. You will be given aftercare instructions at the time of your piercing. Follow them carefully. Always make sure your hands are washed before touching your ears. Cleanse the piercing 3X daily for the duration of your healing period. We suggest our Inverness Aftercare Solution which is specially-formulated for the care of pierced ears. Be extra careful with your new piercing while it is healing. Practice care while brushing hair, playing sports, and even while changing clothes!

To learn more about the ear piercing process and our safe and gentle system, visit https://invernesscorp.com/