Personal Goals and New Ear Piercings

Not only is it a new year, but we are also entering a new decade! This is the perfect time to set personal goals. The new year is also a perfect time to spice up your look. How about combining the two, and reward yourself with a new piercing if you meet one of your goals.

For inspiration, here are some of our favorite new ear piercing trends emerging:

Earscapes & Curated Ears: The number of piercings people have has skyrocketed in the past couple of years. Earscapes and curated ears (having multiple piercings down the ear) are an exciting way to express yourself and your personal style. Earscapes or curated ears usually include a variety of styles such as small hoops, sparkly studs, and cuffs.

Constellation Piercings: This trend is being seen everywhere! It’s a combination of multiple smaller earrings in the earlobe and cartilage area. The earrings are usually celestial-themed and contain different horoscope signs, planets, and stars.

Asymmetry: Ear piercings can make a powerful statement. One popular new ear piercing look that has emerged is asymmetrical ears or wearing a different number of piercings in different locations on each ear. You can also create an asymmetrical look by mixing and matching different earrings for each ear.

Double Cartilage Piercing: These bold piercings are comprised of a pair of earrings in the cartilage right next to one another. We’re seeing lots of double diamonds which are beautiful and eye-catching!

Starting this decade with a fresh look is the perfect motivator to accomplish all of your goals! Whatever your new year’s resolution may be, you deserve to treat yourself. Our Inverness ear piercing system is a safe and reliable way to brighten your look. Use our store locator to find a location near you that uses the Inverness system. So start this new beginning by being the best, most unique version of yourself! Happy piercing!