Does Painless Ear Piercing Exist?

That special moment has arrived, and it’s finally time to get your ears pierced! Then, hesitation sinks in. You’ve heard stories from friends and family about their ear piercing experiences, and they all vary. Will it hurt? Will you cry? Is it as painful as you’ve heard from some?

It’s not unusual for there to be a sense of curiosity or even a little bit of fear when it comes to the ear piercing process. Whether you are a child or an adult, the idea of ear piercing is a bit scary for some.

We know many people wonder: does painless ear piercing actually exist? It’s time to settle this popular question, once and for all.

Individual experiences during ear piercing vary from person to person and are highly dependent on the type of ear piercing method used. Many people report feeling a pinch or a slight stinging sensation at the time of piercing and very few say they find the process to be painful. We are happy to report that most people who are pierced with the Inverness system say they feel no discomfort at all.

How can that be? Using a hand-pressured instrument and sterile, pre-sealed hypoallergenic piercing earrings, the Inverness Ear Piercing System is designed to provide a safe and gentle ear piercing every time. Our patented system safely and quickly pierces ears in just three easy steps:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Mark
  3. Pierce

Our piercing earrings feature ultra-thin posts and an extra-sharp piercing tip that provide a comfortable piercing by gliding more easily through the earlobe. Plus, all of our piercing earrings come with the patented Inverness Safety Back™ which is designed to shield the sharp piercing tip and promote safer healing by preventing the back from being squeezed too tight against the earlobe during healing.

Your ear piercing experience doesn’t just end after the earring is pierced into your ear. That is why we created an Ear Care Antiseptic, specially formulated to reduce the risk of infection without the typical drying or chapping that can occur with the use of rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

By choosing Inverness for your first ear piercing experience, you can feel at ease knowing that your safety and comfort are our top priority. We’re proud to be used by retail stores, pharmacies, beauty salons, medical offices, and jewelry stores throughout the US and in over 40 countries worldwide. If you or someone you know is interested in having their ears pierced with the Inverness System, use our Store Finder or contact us directly to find the Inverness location nearest to you!