New Piercing? Use Earring Covers for Sports

With the new school year approaching, we love to see parents and kids planning their back-to-school ear piercings! We know you want this to be a special event for your child, but before settling on a date, be sure to consider the types of activities they will have over the next few months. If your child plays a sport, here are some things to consider before having their ears pierced.

Are Piercings Allowed?

This is probably the most important question you can ask to determine whether the time is right for a new piercing. Ask your child’s coach if earrings are permitted during practice and/or games. Will they be allowed to cover their earrings during games and practice? Get these answers first.

Is An Ear Piercing Cover Required?

Often in sports, coaches will allow athletes to wear earring covers to keep the piercing safe from getting caught on your uniform and to eliminate any potential harm caused by a contact sport. Some coaches are concerned that earrings can be distracting to other players. Covering them eliminates the issue.

What Options Are There for Covers?

If piercing covers are allowed, we recommend these two easy options:

  • Athletic tape
  • Small adhesive bandages

For those with healed piercings who prefer to keep an earring in, consider clear acrylic earrings that are comfortable to wear and virtually invisible.

When planning an ear piercing, always factor in the 6 weeks it takes for an earlobe piercing to heal or the 12 weeks it takes for a cartilage piercing to heal. After speaking with your child and their coaches, you can safely plan their new piercing and make it a special experience! Visit our store locator to find a location near you.