New Look: New Ear Piercing

New Look New Ear Piercing

Love your first piercing so much that you’re ready for a second? While most of us choose the center of the ear lobe for our first piercing, there are a few options to consider for your second. If you’re ready for a new piercing, here are some tips to consider!

Current Earring Style

Be sure to consider your preferred earring style before you get a second piercing. If you usually wear earrings with large stones, pearls or specialty ornaments in your first piercing, plan to wear those earrings when you go in for your second piercing. Be sure to keep those earrings on for the dotting process so that the placement for your second ear piercing will allow enough space for the earrings you prefer to wear in your first piercing.

Second Piercing Spacing

We recommend spacing the second piercing at least ¼” apart from the first piercing to prevent the earring ornament and backs from touching. This will also ensure enough space so that you can wear a variety of different size of earrings.

Multiple Earlobe Piercing Placement

If you’re going for several ear piercings up the ear lobe, we recommend having the piercer follow the natural line going up the ear. The size of your earlobe will determine the number piercings you can wear.

If you’re looking to get two or more ear piercings in one sitting, be sure the piercing places all the dots first so that you can review them together and make sure you like the spacing before any piercings are made. Although the dots may look small and far apart, keep in mind that you will want at least ¼” between piercings to accommodate different earring styles.

Cartilage Specifics

Finally, the ability to have multiple piercings in the outer ear cartilage area depends entirely on the amount of open channel in your ear available for piercing. Depending on the size of your ear, there may only be space for one or two piercings in this area of the cartilage. We recommend consulting with a trained Inverness ear piercer to determine how many piercings you can wear on your ears.

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