When to Get a New Ear Piercing

Getting your ears pierced is an exciting event, but is there a designated “right” time to do it? To many, the decision to get your ears pierced is a personal one, so choosing a time that works best for you is of the upmost importance. Consider a few of the following factors when finding the right time for your piercing.

Age: It’s common for parents to provide their child with an age at which they’re able to get their ears pierced. In many cases, it’s seen as a “rite of passage” or a special event when a child can get their ears pierced. Most tweens or teens who want a piercing are looking for more independence and responsibility. Ear piercing is a great reward for a tween who is demonstrating increased maturity and responsibility. Regardless of the scenario, it’s important for both the parent and the child to understand that this is a special time and one worth talking about beforehand.

Sports: If you or your child is involved in sports, this is an important factor to consider when deciding to get an ear piercing. Many contact sports provide little to no protection for your ears and some athletes aren’t allowed to wear earrings during games. Before you or your child is pierced, ask the coach if you are permitted to protect a new piercing with a band aid or sports tape during games & practice. If not, consider getting your ears pierced in the off-season. If you play sports year-round, look at which sport might be easiest to balance with the aftercare of a new piercing.

Time of Year: The ideal time of year for an ear piercing depends on your schedule. Aftercare of a newly pierced ear is crucial, so consider choosing a period during the year in which you are less likely to be involved in activities that might expose your new piercing to possible contaminants.

Vacation: If you’re planning to travel near the time of an ear piercing, consider your vacation location since ear piercing aftercare is as important as the piercing itself. For safer healing, it’s important to keep your piercing site clean and to follow the recommended aftercare. If your vacation location will make it hard to follow your recommended aftercare, you may want to wait until you return from your trip.

We hope you have found these tips useful as you consider the perfect time to get your new ear piercing. For more information about piercing, be sure to visit our blog! To find the nearest Inverness piercing location, use the store locator.