Men’s Ear Piercing: Fathers and Sons

Mens Ear Piercing - Fathers and Sons

When it comes to opportunities for father and son bonding, the idea of getting your ears pierced together might seem a little far-fetched, but this new tradition is becoming increasingly more popular as more men choose to have their ears pierced. In fact, our most recent research shows that 30 percent of all ear piercings performed in the past 12 months were for males of all ages!

Considering sharing this special experience with your son or father? Here are some things to consider:

What to Expect

With the Inverness Piercing System, it’s as simple as:

  • Choose your piercing earrings.
  • Learn about ear piercing aftercare and sign the store permission form.
  • Get comfortably seated and allow the piercer to cleanse and mark your ears with a special surgical marking pen.
  • Once you approve the dots, the piercer will simply line up the piercing instrument and depress the handle to pierce your ears. The piercing earring will attach to the exclusive Safety Back™ in one smooth motion, allowing for a safe, gentle and quick piercing experience.

Styles to Consider

The earrings you choose for your piercing are the earrings you’ll be wearing for your entire six week healing period. With that said, as you consider which style best fits your needs, also ask yourself:

  • Will you be getting one ear pierced or both?
  • What color piercing earring are you considering?
  • What type of metal do you want/need?

Inverness piercing earrings come in every color of the rainbow, in a range of sizes and metal choices to match your look and budget. All are hypoallergenic and made with ultra-thin piercing posts. As for metal choices, we offer 14KT gold, 24K gold plate, medical grade stainless steel, and medical grade titanium. Learn more about our piercing earrings here.


After you have your ears pierced, it’s important to follow your aftercare instructions to help avoid infection and ensure your piercing heals properly. Just remember: proper ear piercing aftercare is as important as the piercing process itself!

Proper ear piercing aftercare includes cleansing your new ear piercing 3X a day using ear care antiseptic. It’s also important to rotate your piercing earring 3x a day while cleansing and to avoid certain activities that could infect your new piercing. We’ve prepared a handy ear piercing aftercare chart to help make the weeks after your first piercing easier!

Sports & Activities

Finally, if you’re an athlete or participate in any physical activities, you should certainly take safety precautions following a new ear piercing. If you are on a team and considering getting your ears pierced, ask your coach if you are permitted to protect a new piercing with a band aid or sports tape during games and practice. If not, plan to have your ears pierced in the off-season.

We hope this answers your questions. If not, please contact us. We want everyone to have a safe and gentle piercing experience – whether you are a first-timer or going for a second or third piercing. To find an Inverness location near you, use our easy Store Locator today!