Is Gentle Ear Piercing Possible?

Is Gentle Ear Piercing Possible

There are so many factors to consider when researching where to take your child to have her ears pierced – or to be pierced yourself. Safety and sterility always come first. A quality selection of hypoallergenic earrings is key. But, the biggest question most people have is “will it hurt?”

Akshita from Mumbai, India shared her Inverness piercing story with us. As you can see, she was pleasantly surprised at what a gentle experience this was for her baby. As she says, “things have changed a lot” since she had her own ears pierced.

There are several reasons the Inverness System provides a safe and gentle pierce:

  1. Our piercing earrings are specially designed with ultra-thin piercing posts and a finely honed piercing tip to help the earrings glide through the lobe as easily as possible. Most people report they feel no discomfort at all when they are pierced with the Inverness System.
  2. Unlike loud piercing guns that shoot a spring-loaded piercing earring through the tissue, our hand-pressured instrument is very gentle and quiet.
  3. Our system will pierce your ears and attach our exclusive Safety Back™ in one quick, smooth motion.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what Akshita says!

What’s your piercing story? We’d love to hear from you.