How to Care For Newly Pierced Ears in Summer

How to Care For Newly Pierced Ears in Summer

As we approach the final month of summer, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the warm weather and summer activities like swimming and going to the beach! For those of you who recently had your ears pierced, caring for your newly-pierced ears in the summer can be a little tricky, especially being near water and in the sun. Here are some tips to care for newly pierced ears in the summer!

Beware of the Sun

Yes, by now we should all be aware that baking in the sun isn’t good for our skin, which is why sunscreen is more important now than ever before! The challenge with sunscreen is that when caring for a new piercing, it’s important to keep sunscreen away from your new piercing. To steer clear of potential infection or discomfort, carefully apply sunscreen in the mirror to avoid getting it in your piercing. If you’re nowhere near a mirror, ask a friend for help.

If you know you’re going to be in the sun for several hours, it’s also a good idea to protect your piercing by wearing a wide-brimmed hat. This will cover your ears and help keep the sun away from your face.


When it comes to swimming with a new piercing, we recommend you avoid getting your piercing wet – particularly in lakes, rivers, and oceans – for the first few weeks of your healing period. It is summer though, and we understand that it’s close to impossible to avoid being near any body of water, so if you do get wet, be sure to rinse your piercing with clean water and reapply your aftercare solution as soon as possible.

Keep Your Piercing Clean

If you do end up swimming, getting sunscreen in your new piercing, or even getting sand near the piercing, we recommend rinsing thoroughly with clean water & reapplying your Ear Care Antiseptic. We can’t stress this enough: keep your hands and anything that comes into contact with your piercing CLEAN. You might consider purchasing a second bottle of your ear care solution so you can always be prepared and when you’re out having fun.

If you have additional questions about ear piercing aftercare, visit the handy Ear Piercing Aftercare Guide on our website.