Guys Ear Piercing Styles

Guys Ear Piercing Styles

It’s no secret that when it comes to ear piercings, men and women tend to think a little differently about the styles of piercings they’re considering. Surprisingly, however, many of the most popular styles among both males and females are very similar. While there are plenty of popular ear piercing styles for men and boys, here are some of the top trends.

The Simple Stud Piercing

For many men or boys, the first piercing is the hardest decision. That’s why it is so common to see most males wearing the simple stud piercing. Simple studs can be worn in either ear (left or right). Many men choose a diamond or CZ stud that just adds a little more bling to their look.

From football players and other athletes to singers and actors, the simple stud piercing is one of the most popular styles worn by men.

Double Earlobe Piercing

The double earlobe look – or having both ears pierced – is becoming much more popular with men. Having both earlobes pierced allows for symmetry and the ability to choose different styles such as simple studs, hoops or a casual look and large CZ or diamond studs for a night out or special occasion.

Gradual Earlobe Piercing

Gradual earlobe piercing is a newer trend for both men and women. Having several piercings in a row along the earlobe gives lets you have fun with different styles of earrings. The most common way to accessorize a gradual earlobe piercing is to wear a series of 3 or 4 stud earrings in increasing sizes. The number of piercings you can wear will depend on the size of your earlobe. Some people like to mix it up and wear a variety of earrings with gradual ear lobe piercings such as one hoop and a few studs.

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