Giving the Gift of Ear Piercing

Giving the Gift of Ear Piercing

It’s the holiday season, aka the season of giving! Not only does an ear piercing make a great gift, but it’s also a gift that keeps giving all year round. If you’re thinking of giving (or getting) the gift of ear piercing for the holidays, here are some tips to follow.

Find a Location

The first step to giving the gift of ear piercing is to review stores that pierce ears to find one that’s right for your loved one. The Inverness ear piercing system is used at a variety of locations, including retail stores, pharmacies, beauty salons, medical offices, and jewelry stores throughout the US and over 40 countries worldwide. To find a location that works best for you, use the Store Finder on our website.

Purchase a Gift Card

After you’ve determined the location where you’d like to have the ear piercing done, we suggest buying a gift card for that location that will cover the cost of the piercing and the piercing earrings. At most stores that pierce ears, the ear piercing service is free with the cost of piercing earrings. Be sure to confirm what is included with your purchase before choosing the amount you would like to give.

Wrap it Up

When it comes to wrapping your gift, we suggest pairing the gift card with a bottle of ear care solution which can be purchased at the ear piercing location. Your gift can also include a note saying you will take them to the piercing* and out for a celebration lunch or ice cream afterwards. This will make the experience even more memorable and exciting to open!

Have more questions about how to give the gift of ear piercing? Contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help!

*Reminder: in the U.S. and most countries worldwide, a parent or legal guardian will be asked to sign a piercing permission form and must be present during the ear piercing process.