Gift Idea: Earrings for New Piercing

Having trouble finding the perfect gift this holiday season? You’re not alone! If someone on your list just got their ears pierced, we suggest giving a gift that will last a lifetime: a pair of earrings to wear AFTER their new piercing has healed. You can choose a special pair for them or make a date to go shopping together.

Q: What types of earrings are best for a new piercing?  

A: Stud Style Earrings

After the healing period (6 weeks for earlobes and 12 weeks for outer cartilage), a new piercing is still sensitive, so we recommend wearing light stud style earrings for the first 6 months.

  1. In addition to being lightweight, stud style earrings are less likely to get caught in long hair or clothing.
  2. Stud earrings are also easy to wear for people who are often on-the-go, and can easily be taken out if you’re active or play sports that don’t allow earrings.

Endless Options

The good news is that stud style earrings can be worn with practically anything. Stud earrings come in a wide range of styles, metal choices, and prices so it’s easy to find a pair – or two – to give as a gift or tuck in a stocking.

Not Yet Pierced? Give the Gift of Piercing!

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Happy holidays from all of us at Inverness!