Getting My Ears Pierced and What I Would Change

Ear piercing is a very individual experience, and at Inverness, we encourage everyone to approach it on their own terms, in a setting of their choice. Everyone has a unique story about their first ear piercing experience, including the good and the bad. Today we’re sharing Sam’s story, how he approached ear piercing for the first time, and what he would change now, looking back.

Getting My Ears Pierced and What I Would Change

I grew up in a medium sized town in New England. We didn’t have as many kids on a given block as kids might in the suburbs, but I was lucky enough to have a close friend who lived two houses down. Once Eric and his family moved down the street, we spent most of our free time together and shared our hobbies, our musical tastes, and much of our decision making.

About three years into our friendship, Eric and I were in middle school and both finding our identity more and more in music, art, and clothing. On an average afternoon after walking home from school, our conversation landed on pierced ears, and we decided, yes, we should both get an ear pierced. Later that week, without telling our parents, we went ahead with the “old school” method of ear piercing, with a needle and an ice cube, and to make a long story short, only Eric managed to do a decent job of it.

We both got in trouble for following through on the decision on our own, and I ended up needing to re-pierce my ear later on because the first attempt didn’t go well. In the end, everyone–kids and parents alike–agreed we should have found an ear piercing location and used a proper ear piercing system in the first place, and we should have discussed it with our parents, who would certainly have been more receptive to a conversation before the fact.

Choosing to have your ears pierced is exciting, but I can tell you in hindsight, it’s worth finding a location that uses a safe and sterile ear piercing system like Inverness. I’d certainly make a different decision if I could do it again.