Finding the Perfect Ear Piercing Place

Is your child asking to have her ears pierced? If you aren’t sure what to expect or want to help prepare your child, here are some tips for finding the perfect ear place.

See What Questions Your Child Has

Ear piercing is a big milestones. With older children, it’s important to discuss any questions they have about the process and whether they understand the responsibility that goes along with a new piercing. Are they prepared to follow the aftercare instructions and protect their new piercing?

Find Nearby Locations and Visit Them

Visiting ear piercing locations in advance can provide both you and your child peace of mind about the ear piercing process as well as the opportunity to find a location that best fits your needs. Inverness is used by retail stores, pharmacies, beauty salons, medical offices, and jewelry stores throughout the US and over 40 countries worldwide. Use our store locator to find the closest locations near you.

Set a Date

Once you’ve had the opportunity to talk with your child and you’ve found the right location, it’s time to set a date. Look at your schedule, your child’s schedule factoring in school commitments, time of year, sports, and other extracurricular activities. It’s important to choose a date that works for everyone and to ensure that your child can properly protect and care for their new piercing.

Celebrate this Milestone

Ear piercing – especially a first-time piercing – is an important rite of passage in a child’s life and a day they will remember the rest of their life. When the day finally comes, it’s time to celebrate! Be sure to take lots of photos so you can share the occasion with family and friends. You might even consider having a special meal or treat afterwards to celebrate.