Ear Piercing Supplies: Be Prepared

Are you getting ready for your first ear piercing? If so, congratulations! After you decide where you’ll have your ears pierced and the type of piercing earrings you want to pair with your style, the next step is to make sure you’re prepared for the aftercare process.

Not sure what you need for basic care after your piercing? We’re here to help! First, let’s go over the basics.

Ear Piercing Aftercare 101

The best way to avoid infection and ensure your new piercing heals safely is to keep your piercing CLEAN:

  1. This is rule #1 for a very good reason. Always wash your hands before touching your ears or piercing earrings.
  2. During the entire healing period (6 weeks for earlobe & 12 weeks for cartilage), keep your piercing clean and dry. That includes anything that touches your piercing – like your pillow case!
  3. Cleanse the front and back of the pierced area at least three times daily using a clean cotton swab soaked with Inverness Aftercare Solution.
  4. Three times daily while cleansing, rotate the earrings completely to prevent the earring from adhering to the ear.
  5. Do not remove your earrings during the recommended healing period and avoid playing with them or handling your starter piercing earrings unnecessarily.

Get the Right Ear Piercing Supplies

To be prepared to care for your new piercing in any situation, here are some supplies to have on hand:

  1. Inverness Ear Care Solution – we recommend using our ear care solution. It is specially-formulated to cleanse and soothe new piercings and can be used for the duration of your healing period. Note: alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are not recommended because they sting, dry out the skin, and can impede the healing process.
  2. Cotton swabs – these are ideal for cleaning your new piercing. We don’t recommend cotton balls because they are harder to use in small spaces and their fibers can get caught and/or tug at your new earrings.
  3. Small carrying case with extra ear piercing supplies – to ensure you’re ready for any situation, pack a small zip case with after ear piercing supplies for on-the-go cleaning. Items to include: cotton swabs, hand sanitizer (to clean your hands if no sink is available), and extra ear care solution to clean your new piercing.

If you still have questions about ear piercing supplies or aftercare, we invite you to contact us directly or visit our website for more information. Happy piercing!