Ear Piercing Places | Finding a Piercing Location

So you’ve decided to get a new ear piercing for you or your child but haven’t chosen a location yet?  In addition to the safety and sterility of the piercing equipment used, there are other factors to consider such as convenience, privacy and comfort. Here is a review of the types of ear piercing locations available to help you find your ideal locale.

Types of Piercing Locations:

Retail Stores

Each year, millions of people have their ears pierced in department stores, jewelry stores, discount department stores, and specialty shops in local malls. No matter what type of store or where they are located, ear piercing in retail stores is popular for the convenience, experience of the ear piercing associates, and the wide selection of hypoallergenic earring choices.  Virtually all retail locations will perform your ear piercing(s) without an advance appointment.  When considering this option, parents should remember that the ear piercing space in some stores can be public. For some children this is ideal, while others might prefer a more private option.


In many countries around the world, ear piercing is offered in local pharmacies. Like retail stores, ear piercing in pharmacies provides the convenience of ear piercing without an appointment.  In addition, many people prefer having their ear piercing performed in their local pharmacy by people they know and trust.

Beauty Salons & Day Spas

Many salons and day spas offer ear piercing by appointment or as a walk-in service. If privacy is a concern, you may have the option of having your ears pierced in a private service room. Some independent estheticians even offer house calls, giving you the option of having your ears pierced in the privacy of your own home.

Doctors’ Offices

When given the option, some parents prefer to have their children’s ears pierced by their child’s pediatrician. Doctors’ offices offer privacy, the convenience of making an appointment, and the comfort of having the ear piercing performed by someone your child knows and trusts.

Tattoo & Body Piercing Shops

Other popular choices for ear piercing are tattoo & body piercing parlors. Before choosing this option, be sure to familiarize yourself with the piercing process and decide what’s best for you.  While some tattoo & body piercing shops use a sterilized stud & clasp ear piercing system like Inverness, most are performed with a cannula, a hollow needle that removes a core of skin to create the piercing hole before the piercing earring is inserted.

We hope that you have found this information to be helpful as you choose the ideal location to get your ears pierced! To find the nearest Inverness ear piercing location to you, visit our store locator.