Ear Piercing Places: Choose the Experience

Inverness-Ear Piercing Places-Choose the Experience


When planning an ear piercing experience for your child’s first ear piercing, the process of choosing the perfect location can be a challenge. Today we’re offering tips for what to look for in ear piercing places for kids, and how to find the best location to fit your needs.


For a child’s first ear piercing, it’s important that everyone feels confident about your plans. If you’re nervous, your child will be nervous. Investigate your options, and find the type of location that you think will make you AND your child the most comfortable.

Inverness is proud to be used by retail stores, pharmacies, beauty salons, medical offices, and jewelry stores throughout the US and in over 40 countries worldwide, so you have plenty of options to consider.


To prepare for the big event, it’s important that you and your child know what to expect. If possible, plan to visit one or two possible locations in advance so you can see an ear piercing for yourself and ask questions about the process. The Inverness System is designed to provide safe and gentle ear piercing in 3 easy steps. Knowing what to expect will give you and your child extra peace of mind.


Last but certainly not least, you’re going to want to find an ear piercing location that’s convenient. . Regardless of the type of ear piercing place you’ve decided on for your child’s first ear piercing, we recommend using our store locator to find the location that works best for you!