Ear Piercing for Men | One Ear or Both?


Ear piercing for men is growing in popularity, and we have the numbers to prove it. Our research shows that 46% of all adults aged 19 & over who were pierced in the last 5 years or plan to be pierced this year are male.

Are you thinking of about having your ears pierced? Here are a few questions to consider, starting with the first one that most men face when thinking about ear piercing:

One Ear or Two? There is no right answer to this question. It’s a personal choice. To help decide what’s right for you, check out some of the celebrities who are pierced. If you do get pierced, you’ll be in good company. Jay Z, David Beckham, Usher, Harrison Ford, P Diddy, Colin Farrell, Michael Jordan, Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Morgan Freeman all look great wearing a range of single and double pierced earring styles.

Comfort: Keep in mind that it takes at least 6 weeks for an earlobe piercing to heal. During that time, you need to wear your piercing earrings 24/7. After that, you can change into new earrings, but to prevent your piercing from closing, you will need to wear earrings as much as possible for the next 6 months. During that time, if you leave your earring out for more than 24 hours, you risk having it close up. So, think about whether you’ll be comfortable sleeping or talking on a phone with an earring in your lobe. If not, you may choose to pierce one side at a time.       

Aftercare: New piercings take a lot of care to heal safely. If you play contact sports or spend a lot of time in the water, you’ll want to plan your piercing for the off season or make sure you have a good plan to protect your new piercing. Weigh the pros and cons for piercing one ear or both and choose what best fits your lifestyle. For more about the importance of ear piercing aftercare, review our tips and timeline.

Most importantly, remember that whether you go for both ears or just one, do your homework so you can be confident in your decision. For more information about men’s ear piercing and a checklist of what to know before you go, check out this blog post.