Ear Piercing Machines Aren’t Created Equally

When and Where to Pierce

You might be thinking… “what in the world is an ear piercing machine?” Though the term we use at Inverness is “ear piercing system”, the tools that ear piercers use can vary widely in design, comfort and usability. If you’re researching where and how to get  your ears pierced, here are some reasons to choose a location that uses the Inverness Ear Piercing System.

The Inverness System has two unique features designed to ensure the safest ear piercing experience possible. First you should know that Inverness is the only ear piercing system with fully-enclosed earring capsules that prevent our piercing earrings and exclusive Safety Back ™ from being exposed to potential contaminants prior to piercing. Our earring capsules are packaged in sealed, sterilized cartridges that aren’t opened until they’re selected for piercing.

Also, our exclusive Safety Back™ allows for the safest healing possible by shielding the piercing tip and preventing the earring back from being squeezed too tight against the earlobe. This allows for proper airflow and prevents the earring back from becoming embedded during the healing process.

Speaking of the healing process, at Inverness, our care doesn’t stop once your ears are pierced. Our Ear Care Antiseptic is specially formulated to help soothe your newly pierced ears during healing without the drying or chapping that can come from using plain old rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Want to find an Inverness location near you? The Inverness Ear Piercing System is used in mall stores, salons, jewelry stores, department stores, body piercing shops, pharmacies and doctors offices in over 40 countries around the globe. To find a location near you, click here or send us an e-mail. Happy piercing!