Ear Lobe Piercing for a First Time Piercing

We see them everywhere: earlobe piercings. For first-timers, the earlobe is where most people choose to get pierced. Not only are they the most traditional place to wear an earring, they are also the easiest part of the ear to pierce. Here’s why earlobe piercings are so popular:


Because the standard lobe piercing area of the ear is the largest and softest part of the ear, it’s one of the easiest types of piercings to get and take care of. The maintenance and healing process is extremely manageable and can be a more comfortable piercing experience for most compared to other parts of the ear.

Healing Time

For an earlobe piercing, you can expect 6 weeks of healing time versus 12 weeks for a cartilage piercing. As a first-timer, this gives you the opportunity to get yourself acclimated to the ear piercing aftercare process, so you will be better-prepared for your next piercing.


Finally, the visibility of the earlobe is the main reason many people choose to pierce this part of their ear first. Earrings worn in the earlobe are easily visible, even if you have long hair or like to style your look with hats. And the purpose of getting a piercing is to style that piercing, right?!

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