Can I Re-Use My Ear Piercing Studs?

The Difference Between an Ear Piercing Gun and the Inverness System

We’re often asked if our Inverness ear piercing studs can be worn after the 6 to 12 week healing period has ended. The answer is yes! Here’s why.

Quality of Piercing Earrings

Inverness ear piercing studs are crafted of fine jewelry quality, using only premium allergy-friendly materials. All our piercing earrings are hypoallergenic and come in a range of metal choices including 14KT gold, 24KT gold plate, medical grade stainless steel, and medical grade titanium. They are ideal for continued wear, especially in the 6 months after the healing period when ear tissue is still sensitive.

How are Ear Piercing Studs Different?

Unlike regular stud earrings you might find in a jewelry store, our ear piercing studs are specially-designed with a sharp tip that takes the place of a needle during the piercing process. Inverness ear piercing studs are crafted to glide easily through the earlobe or outer ear cartilage and connect with our exclusive Safety Back™ in one smooth motion. Our unique Safety Back™ is designed to cover the sharp tip and prevent the back from squeezing too tight against the ear during the healing period.

Ear Piercing Stud Tips

  1. Choose a pair of ear piercing studs you love: with Inverness, the earrings you choose for piercing your ears will be the ones you’ll wear 24/7 during your 6-12 week healing period. That means you will want to choose a style you love. With Inverness, that’s easy! Our piercing earrings come in wide range of colorful styles that include sparkling crystals, fun shapes, brilliant cubic zirconia, timeless gold balls, and classic gems.
  2. Extend the life of your ear piercing studs: to make your ear piercing studs more comfortable to wear after your healing period has ended, we recommend filing the sharp post tip with an emery board. This will dull the sharp point which makes the studs easier to insert in your new piercing ear.

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