Boys Ear Piercing | What You Should Know

In case you missed it: ear piercings are not just for girls! Over the past few years, ear piercing has grown in popularity with boys of all ages. Here are a few things to keep in mind for boys when making the decision to pierce their ears.

One Ear or Two? This is definitely a personal preference. It is common to see boys wear just one earring, though many are now choosing to have both ears pierced.

Age Ears can be pierced safely at any age. (See our blog about newborn ear piercing for more about piercing babies and young children.)  If your son is telling you he’d like to have his ears pierced, talk about it first. Be sure he understands the importance of keeping his ears clean and dry while they are healing. As his parent, you are best qualified to determine if he is responsible enough to take good care of his new piercing.

Protecting a New Piercing If your son plays a contact sport, plan his piercing for the off season. On average, it takes 6 weeks for a new earlobe piercing to heal safely. For the first 6 months after the piercing has healed, it is important to wear earrings as often as possible and never go more than 24 hours without wearing an earring or the piercing may close.

Aftercare It is important to follow the aftercare instructions provided at the time of piercing. In order to prevent infection, it is critical to keep a new piercing clean and dry. Be sure your son understands that he should wash his hands before touching his new piercing or earrings.

Clean & Turn 3 Times a Day New piercings should be cleaned at least 3 times a day using a cotton swab soaked with Inverness Ear Care Solution, specially formulated to cleanse & soothe newly pierced ears. While cleaning, turn the earrings 3 times and check that the backs are fastened securely.  Be sure your son repeats this cleaning routine after swimming, if his piercing comes in contact with hair products, or if he gets sweaty and dirty.

Peace of Mind If your son is worried that getting his ears pierced will hurt, you can assure him that our system is specially designed to provide a safe and gentle piercing experience. Our piercing earrings feature ultra-thin posts and a finely-honed piercing tip that provides a comfortable piercing by gliding more easily through the earlobe. Plus, all our piercing earrings come with the patented Inverness Safety Back™ which is designed to shield the sharp piercing tip and promote safer healing by preventing the back from being squeezed too tight against the earlobe during healing.

For more information and tips, visit our ear piercing aftercare page or see our store locator to find an Inverness location near you.