A New Ear Piercing Story from China

Everyone has a story, especially when it comes to their first ear piercing. While each experience is different, understanding the Inverness ear piercing system prior to your first piercing is beneficial.

Liu from China shared her Inverness piercing story with us. As you can see, she was pleased to learn how gentle and quick the experience was for herself. As she says, “Best of all is that I broke the psychological barrier, and now I can wear pretty earrings!”

We’re committed to making sure your ear piercing experience is the best it can be by providing the safest, most technologically-advanced ear piercing system available.* Our system safely & quickly pierces ears in 3 easy steps using a gentle, hand-pressured instrument and sterile, pre-sealed, hypoallergenic piercing earrings. Here’s a look at our process:

Step 1: Cleanse
Step 2: Mark
Step 3: Pierce

Learn more about Liu’s experience and hear her story here:

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