A Beginners Guide to Piercing Earring Care

Caring for your newly-pierced ears includes both your piercing site and your starter piercing earrings. Following are earring care instructions to help ensure that your new piercing heals properly.


  • Keep Things Clean – This might seem obvious, but always keep both your piercing site and starter earrings clean. Before touching your piercing or earrings, wash your hands thoroughly. During your daily cleaning (which should be done 3x a day), be sure to cleanse both the piercing site & the front and back of your starter piercing earrings by saturating a cotton swab with your aftercare solution and cleaning both sides carefully.
  • Don’t Play with Your Earrings – see the first point above. After a new piercing, it’s very tempting to twirl and touch your new earrings. Do your best to keep your hands away from your new earrings, especially if your hands aren’t clean!
  • Avoid Irritants – After using hair products (conditioner, hair spray, mousse, etc.), cleanse your piercing and piercing earrings. This will help to keep your earrings clean and prevent buildup of hair product in the cavity of your Inverness Safety Back™.


  • Play it Safe – When it’s time to change into your new earrings, we recommend cleansing your earring posts with aftercare solution before inserting in your ear. This way, the only thing you need to worry about is matching your earrings with your outfit!

Do you still have questions about basic earring care? Contact us with any questions you have!