4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Second Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing Guidelines

Young or old, first or second, a new piercing requires care and responsibility. If your child is asking for a second piercing, we recommend talking about it first to be sure they are ready.

Here are 4 things to consider discussing:

  1. Ask Them Why

Why does your child want to have their ears pierced for the second time? Is it because everyone else is doing it? Do they want to express their individuality? Understanding how strongly committed they are about getting another piercing can be helpful in making the decision to say yes or no.

  1. Do they have the time?

Ensuring your child has the appropriate time to care for their new piercing is a critical factor to consider before saying yes. Whether it’s a first or second piercing, the aftercare process is still 6-12 weeks depending on where the new piercing is (earlobe or cartilage). If your child has a busy month or two ahead, you might want to consider waiting until their schedule is less hectic.

  1. Sports and Activities

Does your child play any sports or participate in other activities? Get out your calendar and look at what the next couple of months look like. If you’re right in the middle of a season, they will need to check with their coach to see if they can wear earrings during games and practices. If they play a sport where their ear is likely to get bumped, they will want to wait until after the season.

  1. Aftercare Reminder

If this is the second piercing, it’s helpful to go over aftercare guidelines with your child, especially if you had their ears pierced when they were a baby. Visit our aftercare page and read over the dos and don’ts to see if your child is ready to take care of their new piercing properly!

After going through these four points, you and your child will have a better understanding of whether they are ready to take care of a second piercing. As always, we invite you to visit our website and learn more about Inverness, our piercing process & aftercare!