The product images, lifestyle photos, and graphic art files below are provided exclusively for use by our authorized Inverness distributors and their customers. Please note that all marketing materials created by our distributors should be sent to Inverness at for review to ensure that the graphics align with our brand guidelines and the marketing claims made are in compliance with U.S. and international truth-in-advertising standards. 

Use of the lifestyle images below is permitted until 12/31/2025. 

Piercing procedure and product/supply images are available for  unlimited use.

Please submit final artwork for approval to:

We are happy to work with you to ensure that your ear piercing business is a success. Please feel free to contact us at if you need additional materials or support developing your Inverness marketing materials.

Lifestyle Photography

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Stylized Product Photography

Stylized Product Photography - Safety Backs™

Stylized Product Photography - Birthstones

Ear Piercing Supplies

New Recommended Piercing Procedures

Submit Final Artwork For Approval

These lifestyle images are valid through 12/31/2025. To prevent issues, please email any artwork created using these assets to Inverness at for final approval.