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Paula’s Story

The Little Woman

This story happened with the daughter of a friend of mine: Sofia

Sofia was 6 years old and was desperate to get her ears pierced, such as almost all her girlfriends. Sofia’s mother was postponing that event because she thought Sofia was too young and possibly in the following day her daughter would change her mind and then it would be too late. However, on Sofia’s birthday (7), she decided to take her to the jeweller’s shop and get her ears pierced. Sofia was so excited that couldn’t believe her dream would finally come trough. From that moment on she felt and acted as she was a new person. She was so proud of their earrings and her new look that everyone could notice the change in her behaviour. One day, in that same week, Sofia arrived from school very happy and her mother noticed a small ring in her finger. She asked her what ring was that and very confident Sofia replied: “See mum, this is what was missing for boys to see me like a woman. Now I have a boyfriend and he asked me to marry him”.

After that my friend, who is a divorced woman, decided to get her ears pierced too and she have never regretted it…

Paula, Portugal

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