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Mrs. Yiu’s story

mrsyiuHere is Mrs. Yiu’s story in English, with the original Chinese below:

Finally, I have my ears pierced.

My classmates went to have ear pierced during middle school. I told my friends that my earlobe was so beautiful and I dared not to break it? … Actually, I am afraid of pain.

In College, students were encouraged to accept themselves and to behave as a real me. Why am I attracted to go ear-piercing, it is against my own “will”? I’m so afraid of pain … Also I’m really worried about the pain after ear piercing that can induce panic … I may rush to pull out the earrings and stew in my own juice … Therefore, ear-pierced for me is a challenge.

After three years consultation by a leading clinical psychologists, I thought … How about … Try it … Or I simply won’t hurt, pain will not make me panic! And I’d get up the courage to pierce my ears!

Accompanied by my friend, I went to a jewelry shop, expressed my intention, and then sit down, waiting in silence. The staff sterilized my earlobe, and then pointed the ear-piercing position with a pen. And then … … “Crack!”

Shop assistant had already pierced my left ear with an ear-piercing instrument! I have not had time to react any faster! “Well…Really not hurts … Only feel a bit of hot through stabbing at high speed. “And I’d feel comfortable letting her to pierce another ear.

When I got home, my friend and I focus on Olympic events, and my ears never feel hurt again.

I frequently apply ear drops. During the first week, I apply ear drops in the morning, noon and before go to bed. In the second week only in the morning and evening, the third weeks only after bath, the ears are not really inflamed.

Now it is already more than a month and I just have a little redness in my ears. I only apply ear drops when I accidentally hurt my ear during changing clothes or sleeping. Also I will take off the earring clutch every couple of days, to clean the back of my earlobe. In about a week I will take off the earrings and clean the ear and the earrings thoroughly. So far the earlobe is okay, there is no inflammation.

Best of all is that I broke the psychological barrier, I can wear pretty earring!



而且,我真的很擔心在打耳洞後耳朵的痛楚會誘發panic attack…我發狂的急著要拿走耳環,又要承受恐慌發作,那便自作自受了…


店員用釘槍為我的左耳釘了個耳洞! 快得我也沒來得及反應!


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