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Komal’s Story

I was walking past a store and I saw a poster for Ear piercing, product from Inverness USA. Though I already had a piercing I thought of getting a second one done. I was very small when I had my ears pierced so I was not too sure how the process of ear piercing would be, all I had heard and seen was that piercing can be painful and the ears can bleed and swell. I entered the store, enquired about the procedure and was informed it was very safe and earrings were completely sterile. They brought a display from which I chose a design. The store person was calm while I was a bit nervous, she assured me it would just take a minute and it would be painless. I was thinking just to get the piercing done she was saying it would be painless, how could something pierce your skin be painless? I went through the piercing process and to my surprise it hardly felt anything. I was so happy that I hugged the lady who pierced my ears and kept looking at my new piercing before I walked out of the shop by clicking some snaps.

Komal, Mumbai, India

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