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Keeping an Eye on Ear Piercing Complications

While the vast majority of new ear piercings are simple and painless, there are some instances where people experience minor complications. In this blog post, we talk about what a keloid is and what to do if you believe you are prone to develop keloid scar tissue. What is a Keloid? A keloid (pronounced key-loid) […]

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New Look: New Ear Piercing

Love your first piercing so much that you’re ready for a second? While most of us choose the center of the ear lobe for our first piercing, there are a few options to consider for your second. If you’re ready for a new piercing, here are some tips to consider! Current Earring Style Be sure […]

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Where Can I Get My Ears Pierced?

Getting your ears pierced should be a memorable experience, not a stressful one. That’s why we created our Store Locator. Our goal at Inverness is to make this special day in your life as easy and carefree as possible, so the only thing you need to worry about is enjoying the moment! The Inverness Ear […]

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Men’s Ear Piercing: Fathers and Sons

When it comes to opportunities for father and son bonding, the idea of getting your ears pierced together might seem a little far-fetched, but this new tradition is becoming increasingly more popular as more men choose to have their ears pierced. In fact, our most recent research shows that 30 percent of all ear piercings […]

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Should I Give Piercing Earrings for the Holidays?

Stuck in a rut this holiday season? Choosing the right gift can be a bit overwhelming. We’re here to help! Read on and see how you can make the most out of gift giving this holiday season with Inverness. Give a Gift Certificate Do you have a special someone hoping for pierced ears? Gift certificates […]

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Piercing Earrings

The time has come; you’re ready for your first ear piercing. You’ve already used the store locator on the Inverness website to figure out where you’ll be going for your piercing, and all that’s left is picking out your first pair of piercing earrings. How do you choose? We’re here to help! Our Metals Before […]

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Coming of Age: Getting My Ears Pierced

Getting a first ear piercing is a significant and cherished milestone in the United States and around the world. No matter when or how your child is pierced, a first ear piercing is an event to be celebrated. Here are a few ideas for making the most out of your child’s first ear piercing experience. […]

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Learning the Basics of Ear Piercing Care

You just had your ears pierced. Now what? Ear piercing care and aftercare are critical to making sure your new piercing stays healthy and heals properly. You might be wondering…“but what are the basics of ear piercing care?” Here we discuss what you need to know about caring for your new piercing. First, you should […]

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Finding the Perfect Ear Piercing Place

Is your child asking to have her ears pierced? If you aren’t sure what to expect or want to help prepare your child, here are some tips for finding the perfect ear place. See What Questions Your Child Has Ear piercing is a big milestones. With older children, it’s important to discuss any questions they […]

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The Difference Between an Ear Piercing Gun and the Inverness System

People often ask why we use the word “instrument” rather than “gun” to describe our Ear Piercing System. While the ear piercing “gun” and our ear piercing “instrument” may look similar, there are key differences. Ear piercing “guns” are spring-loaded and “shoot” the piercing earring through the ear lobe. In contrast, the Inverness piercing instrument […]

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