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Giving the Gift of Ear Piercing

It’s the holiday season, aka the season of giving! Not only does an ear piercing make a great gift, but it’s also a gift that keeps giving all year round. If you’re thinking of giving (or getting) the gift of ear piercing for the holidays, here are some tips to follow. Find a Location The […]

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Understanding Ear Piercing Care

If you or your child are getting a first ear piercing, we recommend some advance research to give you added peace of mind. In addition to looking at your piercing options, we suggest reading up on the importance of ear piercing care. At Inverness, we recommend that piercers review aftercare instructions before the piercing takes […]

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Piercing Earrings

What to Look for When Choosing Piercing Earrings

Before we talk about what to look for in a piercing earring, we should explain what a piercing earring is. Piercing earrings are stud style earrings that are specially designed with a sharp tip to pierce the earlobe or outer ear cartilage. Most piercing earrings are pre-sterilized and packaged in a special cartridge designed to […]

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Ear Piercing Supplies Needed for Safe Healing

Most people don’t realize that ear piercing aftercare is just as important as the piercing process itself. Many people spend a lot of time researching where to get their new ear piercing but forget about the ear piercing supplies they’ll need to ensure their new piercing heals safely. The most important thing to remember is […]

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Is Your Older Child Ready for Ear Piercing Care?

Gauging an older child’s readiness for ear piercing can be challenging. Older children are hungry for independence and may be reluctant to have their parents monitoring their ear piercing aftercare, something that is crucial for ensuring a new piercing heals safely. If this sounds like your situation, here are 4 factors to help determine if […]

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When Can I Get a Second Ear Piercing?

Multiple ear piercings are everywhere these days. The joy of having multiple piercings on your earlobe or outer cartilage is the chance to change your look to match your mood or occasion. From a clean line of classic graduated pearls to a fun mix of hoops and studs, multiple piercings are a great way to […]

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Ear Piercing Guidelines: Getting Started

Getting your ears pierced is a big decision. Though many people choose ear piercing to celebrate an important milestone, there is no specific time that’s right for everyone. Here are some ear piercing guidelines to help you decide if you or your child is ready for a new piercing. Consider Age Age is one of […]

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Where to Get Ears Pierced Safely

If you or your child is ready for an ear piercing, you’ll want to know where to get ears pierced safely and at a location convenient to you. Do Your Homework Before you choose a location for your first ear piercing experience, it’s important to understand the piercing process and equipment that will be used. […]

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Ear Piercing Backs: Understand Your Options

As you research ear piercing options, it is important to understand everything about the piercing process, including the quality and features of the starter earrings that will be used. While it’s fun to talk about all the beautiful styles and metal choices available, this blog is starting at the back, literally. Inverness is the only […]

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Do I Need Gold Ear Piercing Earrings?

As our August is Ear Piercing Month celebration comes to an end, we want to share some information about different types of piercing earrings and how to choose the ones that are right for you. To start, we need to explain what we mean when we say, “piercing earrings”.  Earrings are jewelry you wear on […]

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