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Finding the Perfect Ear Piercing Place

Is your child asking to have her ears pierced? If you aren’t sure what to expect or want to help prepare your child, here are some tips for finding the perfect ear place. See What Questions Your Child Has Ear piercing is a big milestones. With older children, it’s important to discuss any questions they […]

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The Difference Between an Ear Piercing Gun and the Inverness System

People often ask why we use the word “instrument” rather than “gun” to describe our Ear Piercing System. While the ear piercing “gun” and our ear piercing “instrument” may look similar, there are key differences. Ear piercing “guns” are spring-loaded and “shoot” the piercing earring through the ear lobe. In contrast, the Inverness piercing instrument […]

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When and Where to Pierce

Ear Piercing Machines Aren’t Created Equally

You might be thinking… “what in the world is an ear piercing machine?” Though the term we use at Inverness is “ear piercing system”, the tools that ear piercers use can vary widely in design, comfort and usability. If you’re researching where and how to get  your ears pierced, here are some reasons to choose […]

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Close-up of three young women sitting on a bench and smiling, Bermuda

The Benefits of Local Stores That Pierce Ears

Thinking about getting a new ear piercing? Don’t overlook the convenience of getting your ears pierced at one of the many stores that pierce ears with the Inverness System. Whether it’s your first ear piercing or your fourth, here are some of the many benefits to getting your ears pierced in a retail setting. The […]

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Stud Piercing Earrings and What You Should Look For

When it comes to choosing the stud piercing earrings that you’ll be wearing for the 6 to 12 weeks it takes for your piercing to heal, it’s important to make an educated choice. With Inverness, that’s easy.  Our piercing earrings are designed to last a lifetime. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Inverness […]

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Safe & Gentle Ear Piercing FAQ

If you’re considering a first time piercing for you or your child, we recommend learning about the piercing process before you choose your piercing location. Following are some frequently asked questions to help you understand why the Inverness Ear Piercing System is used in ear piercing shops, department stores, mall stores, jewelry stores, pharmacies, salons, […]

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Ear Piercing and Sports | What You Need to Know

With spring and summer sports right around the corner, it’s important to plan your first or next ear piercing around your athletic activities. So what exactly do you need to know? Continue reading to find out. Ask Your Coach First things first: before you get pierced, ask your coach if you’re permitted to protect a […]

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ear piercing

Ear Piercing Locations | Top Questions

The Inverness Ear Piercing System has been used to pierce over 200 million pairs of ears in over 40 countries around the globe. To help you plan your piercing, here are a few of the most common questions we hear from people planning a new piercing: Q: Where can I have my ears pierced? A: […]

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Mother holding baby girl (21-24 months) close-up

First Ear Piercing: What You Should Know

Your first ear piercing experience is a moment to celebrate. Whether you’re sharing this milestone with a family member or a friend, here are some tips for a stress-free first-time ear piercing. The two most important factors to consider when planning any ear piercing are where to have your piercing done and how long it […]

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Little girl with ivy flowers

Ear Lobe Piercing for a First Time Piercing

We see them everywhere: earlobe piercings. For first-timers, the earlobe is where most people choose to get pierced. Not only are they the most traditional place to wear an earring, they are also the easiest part of the ear to pierce. Here’s why earlobe piercings are so popular: Ease Because the standard lobe piercing area […]

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