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Boys Ear Piercing | What You Should Know

In case you missed it: ear piercings are not just for girls! Over the past few years, ear piercing has grown in popularity with boys of all ages. Here are a few things to keep in mind for boys when making the decision to pierce their ears. One Ear or Two? This is definitely a […]

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Newborn Ear Piercing: What You Need to Know

Ear piercing is popular with people of all ages and genders around the world. In some cultures, new mothers are presented with gold earrings for their newborn to be pierced before leaving the hospital. Although newborn ear piercing can be a controversial topic, it’s important to note that babies are pierced safely every day. If […]

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Does Painless Ear Piercing Exist?

That special moment has arrived, and it’s finally time to get your ears pierced! Then, hesitation sinks in. You’ve heard stories from friends and family about their ear piercing experiences, and they all vary. Will it hurt? Will you cry? Is it as painful as you’ve heard from some? It’s not unusual for there to […]

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