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Mrs. Yiu’s story

Here is Mrs. Yiu’s story in English, with the original Chinese below: Finally, I have my ears pierced. My classmates went to have ear pierced during middle school. I told my friends that my earlobe was so beautiful and I dared not to break it? … Actually, I am afraid of pain. In College, students […]

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Mathea’s story

Here is Mathea’s story in the original Norwegian with the English translation below: Å ta hull i ørene var en stor milepæl for Mathea! Mathea har 2 eldre kusiner som begge fikk hull i ørene da de var 5 år. Nå har Mathea ventet et helt år på å feire sin 5 års dag OG […]

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Rae’s Story

I so looked forward to the day I brought my daughter to have her ears pierced. This was one of those mother/daughter milestones we would share and I wanted her to enjoy and remember it as happily as my own piercing day with my mom, all those years before. My daughter counted down the days […]

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Zoe’s Story

I recently took my 2 year old daughter to get her ears pierced for an early Christmas present and was very impressed. I had researched various techniques and places to go as I wanted the whole experience to be calm and easy.  After reading about Inverness and how it’s very quiet and less scary I […]

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Komal’s Story

I was walking past a store and I saw a poster for Ear piercing, product from Inverness USA. Though I already had a piercing I thought of getting a second one done. I was very small when I had my ears pierced so I was not too sure how the process of ear piercing would […]

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